Team Caution Davao Inc.

List of Active Members

Name: Adi Estrellado

Position: Clan Lord/ Co- Founder

Role: Hitter/ Late Gamer

Favorite Hero: Shadow Fiend, Crystal Maiden

Favorite Item: Dagger of Escape

GG- Name: [Cx]Qdouby

Motto: "Talent wins games but teamwork wins championships"

Name: Jong Odarve

Position: Organizer/ Co- Founder

Role: Hitter/Late Gamer

Favorite Hero: Tormented Soul, Troll Warlord

Favorite Items: Phase Boots, Bloodstone

GG- Name: [Cx]kalamansi19

Motto: "There is no "I" in "TEAMWORK"

Name: Earl Bernard Edjic

Position: Organizer

Role: Late Gamer

Favorite Heroes: Drow Ranger, Vengeful Spirit

Favorite Items: Lothars Edge, Magic Stick, Helm of the Dominator

GG-Name: [Cx]Maldito

Motto: Dream, Believe, Survive

Name: Jesus Luna

Position: Elite Member/ Co-Founder

Role: Later Gamer

Favorite Heroes: Skeleton King, Rogue Knight

Favorite Item: Eye of Skadi

GG- Name: dawnelemental

Motto: "A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skills of the others"

Name: Haniper Gerald Camino

Position: Captain

Role: Hitter/ Setter

Favorite Heroes: Shadow Shaman

Favorite Item: Dagon

GG- Name: haniper_05


Name: Stephen John Arinto

GG- Position: Elite Member

Role: Support

Favorite Hero: Treant Protector

Favorite Item: Radiance

GG- Name: k*

Motto: "Win together, lose together, play together, stay together"

Name: Ralph Jan Redona

GG- Position: Elite Member/ Co- Founder

Role: Setter/Support

Favorite Hero: Gondar

Favorite Items: Battle Fury, Mekansm

GG- Name: D@ot


Name: Aries Rebuldad

Position: Elite Member

Role: Support

Favorite Heroes: Warlock, Puck

Favorite Item: Perseverance, Refresher Orb

GG- Name: PaAaAakz

Motto: "Teamwork doesn't tolerate the inconvenience of distance"

Name: Mark Penuela

Position: Squad Leader

Role: Support

Favorite Hero: Earthshaker, Warlock

Favorite Item: Mekansm

GG- Name: [Cx]Weakling

Motto: “Our team is not responsible for lost or stolen pride.”

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Team Caution Davao Inc.